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Earth has given mankind everything that they need but still we are stripping the mother nature of her glory. We are systematically destroying the ecological balance of nature by wasting her wealth, dumping garbage and other waste material without treating them properly. But now the time has come to put an end to this; the time has come to value the resources that Earth has gifted us and use them sustainably.

Thus, we have brought a story of endless efforts to turn the wastes into treasures and to cherish the beauty of mother Earth without destroying it. Living our life without using the rich resources pointlessly, without destroying the ecological balance and protecting the natural resources so that we can leave a greener, safer and healthier future for the generations to come is what we promote through our activities.

At Nelsun Coir, we produce coir piths by using high-quality raw materials from our own production facilities located in Tamil Nadu, India. What we have is a dream to provide a safer and greener future to the generations to follow by dedicating ourselves in producing high-quality products which help in enhancing the productivity with help of value pricing.

Our goal is to build a fruitful relationship with our suppliers and customers by creating value for every concerned individual. We also try to stay at the top of our game by adding creativity and innovation in various value added products and various developments to cater the every need of our customers and market demand.

Come be a part of our journey and help us in creating a better future for the children of tomorrow.

A decade experience

Our main business is manufacturing and marketing of Growing Media.


We are having seven production units, with production capacity of 1000 M.T/s month. The factories are located in the south Tamil Nadu

In house Machineries

We have machinery to make coir peat in various forms and sizes and to customize according to our buyers’ specifications

Quality Parameters

Fully equipped lab to check quality parameters during various stages of the process

Our Products

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Hydroponic cultivation

Hydroponics are plants that are grown without the use of natural soil; Coco Coir is one of the best medium to grow such plants. Coco peat has an outstanding water and air retention capacity, therefore allowing enough access of oxygen to roots even when watered just a little with a nutrient solution. Its anti-fungal properties also help to get rid of soil-borne diseases, hence curbing the use of pesticides.

Potting Soil Mix

The potting soil mix is a mixture of a variety of substances that facilitate faster and sustainable plant growth. Coco peat is one of the major ingredients of this ready-to-go mixture. The coco peat provides high water retention capacity to the soil and makes the soil highly aerated and fertile.


Green Houses

Coco peat is extensively used in greenhouses and nurseries as growbags or open-tops (easy planters). This facilitates easy direct addition of liquid nutrients and drainage. Plants and crops are perennially grown in greenhouses, and the cocos helps in a higher yield rate. This method is largely used for berries, cucumber, capsicum, and tomatoes. These growbags or easy planters are also used in floriculture.

Mushroom Casing

Coco peat, whether used by itself or in a blend with black peat, is a remarkable medium for mushroom casing. Using coconut coir in the substrate results in optimum mycelial growth, and lesser time will be required for primordia initiation.


Horticulture / Floriculture

The coco peat serves as a growing medium in a wide variety of horticulture and floriculture. It acts as a soil conditioner and makes the soil aerated thereby increasing the amount of oxygen in the soil. Moreover, Coco Peat prevents the essential nutrients from leaching out of the soil.

Soil Amendment

The soil is the most important part in the plant growth. Neem coir, coco peat, husk chips and many of our products provide a lifelong conditioning of the soil thus helps in providing the plant with all essential nutrients required for their sustainable growth.


Seed Raising

The germinating seeds require maximum moisture and all the essential nutrients. Coco Peat thus act as the best-growing medium for the seed raising by meeting all the moisture and nutrient requirements of the germinating seeds.


Coco peat can also be used as an absorbent as it has a multitude of applications. In a mixture with coconut fiber can be used for animal bedding which can later be used as a manure. Coir Pith has a high moisture retention and absorption capacity, hence they are used as an absorbent of oil and chemicals in different industries. It is also used for air and water filtration.


Home and Garden

Can be used as a growing medium and a soil conditioner for your home garden. They have high water retention capacity and are rich in nutrients thus they are best suited for applying in your garden to see your flowers bloom.

Geo Textiles

Geotextiles are manufactured from the coir fibres and they are extensively used in preventing soil erosion. They have also a broad spectrum of applications in the road works and surrounding dams.


Our Infrastructure

We have constructed a sophisticated infrastructure facility, which aids in executing all the trade operations in a streamlined manner



A company’s success depends on its infrastructure and we can assure you that our infrastructure is the best that one can ever wish for. Currently, Nelsun has seven working production units which have production capacity of more than 1000 MT/ month. Our production units are located in south Tamil Nadu due to the availability of raw material in abundance in that particular area. The main production units that we have are located near Thirunelveli; and the final packaging and exporting is done at our factory in Tuticorin. Our main production units are located near Thirunelveli, while the final packaging is done at our headquarters in Tuticorin, from where the products are exported.



The quality of a product greatly depends on its manufacturing process; therefore, we at Nelsun Coir strive hard to follow the best manufacturing process, while checking quality at every stage, to produce the best quality products.



In order for the product to reach the end consumer in a very safe state, we provide a whole array of packing options which includes four sides of corner sheets, shrink wrapped with stretch film, and double strapped to ensure the material free from any damage.

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We have multiple ventures working together to deliver the vision !We have ventured into educational institutions, Waste management, packaging & more