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A company’s success depends on its infrastructure and we can assure you that our infrastructure is the best that one can ever wish for. Currently, Nelsun has seven working production units which have production capacity of more than 1000 MT/ month. Our production units are located in south Tamil Nadu due to the availability of raw material in abundance in that particular area. The main production units that we have are located near Thirunelveli; and the final packaging and exporting is done at our factory in Tuticorin. Our main production units are located near Thirunelveli, while the final packaging is done at our headquarters in Tuticorin, from where the products are exported.

The coir pith, before compressing, is very light in weight that is why it is very hard to transport to great distances without causing any damage to it. In order to deal with that problem, we have set our units at multiple locations across the state of Tamil Nadu.

We are equipped with all the latest machinery that are required to manufacture coir piths in all forms and sizes, and in different recipes. Moreover we also customise it as per the wishes of our customers. We also have screening and cleaning equipment which helps us to manufacture clean and friendlier products.

We have large concrete yards for drying the products which ensure better quality. Transportation facilities are very important for the success of a business and to deliver the products to the market at the right time. at Nelsun, we have our own lorries to transport the wet coir piths from the fibre mills. We also have our own storage facilities to store the coir piths for at least 6 months on specific requests from the customers and researchers ensure the highest quality of our products at our fully equipped laboratories.

We also have our own fiber mills in two locations, from where we get direct access to raw materials, wet pith.


In order for the product to reach the end consumer in a very safe state, we provide a whole array of packing options which includes four sides of corner sheets, shrink wrapped with stretch film, and double strapped to ensure the material free from any damage.

The packing declaration is a part of our documentation which confirms that the Timber packing is used is free of Bark. Palleting will be as per the ISPM standard (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures)

Our Pallet sizes are designed in such a way to utilize the maximum space inside the main-container and load the permissible weight. Each pallet will hold an approximate weight of 1.5 m.t. so stacking on top of the pallets is easily possible. Pallet Stacking allow users to find the best arrangement in warehousing or transportation. Stacking another pallet on top of that allows better usage of space.

A main-container used for transporting bulk product also will be loaded to facilitate easy off-loading of the product at destination.

Our LDPE plastic coco peat grow bags are with Ultra Violet treated Poly bag – 6 months -5 years –Inner black Outer White with printing and guarantee certification for UV stability and exposure periods in green house conditions for use in any part of the world.

Ready mix 50 kg bags, 45 liters bags, easy fill bags, individually wrapped bricks are supplied as per the requirement of our clients.


Nelsun after having extensive research in Coir peat and coir related industry enhanced their facilities and improved the quality to meet up with the International standard. All our products standardized quality suits every grower’s for their wide range of crops across the world, our products are standards are categories as under.

1.Standard Processing:

All our Products can be standardized to the EC (Electric conductivity) requested by our customer. The lower EC of any potting soil mixture is considered to be the best product in the substrates industry and it will be helpful for the plants for better growth, increased yield and higher quality which maximizes the profit. It will be Soil free, Weeds free, Dust free, Nematode free, contaminants free and aged material to reach better growth results there are many evidences to substantiate it.

2.Treatment Processing:

The coir peat that is used in substrates industry has to be treated to make it suitable for professional growers. Treated Coir means the coir peat been buffered in such a way that Potassium (K+) and Sodium (Na+) is being exchanged in the Coir peat complex with Calcium (Ca2+)and Magnesium (MG2+).

The Core is negatively charged & surrounded by a layer of positively charged ions. If the coir peat were used for horticulture purposes without treating, its structure would, with the use of a nutrient solution release and exchange until a new balance is found.

Sodium and Potassium could cause damage to the plant once it is released by coir peat during the growth. This is due to the usage of fertilizers such as calcium and Magnesium which will bind the coir. The sodium and potassium will be free in solution and can damage the crops due to high levels.

With the treatment sodium and potassium are taken out to make sure that the substrate are with low EC level also calcium and magnesium from the nutrient solution is absorbed by the complex compound and thus no longer made available to the plant. It will be carefully monitored before it reaches the substrates producer. This process is strictly analyzed during our treating process.

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