Eco Peat

The eco-peat that is manufactured by us at Nelsun is the best that you can get in the market. Our eco-peat is available in the form of blocks of 5 kg. The eco-peats are completely safe to use as they do not encourage any fungal or bacterial growth and are also sterile to the weeds. They are also fully eco-friendly as they are fully organic without having any artificial content or harmful chemicals.

The main benefit of using the eco-peats are that they provide complete aeration of the soil thereby providing maximum oxygen to the plant roots. The eco-peat blocks are completely bio-degradable and they compose naturally in the soil thus making the soil more fertile and rich in nutrients. Moreover, the peats are very easy to use and they are very much cost effective, so you can say that you will be getting a plethora of benefits at the expense of the very little amount of money.

One thing that must be kept in mind that if you need the product to be less than 0.5 EC then the price will increase naturally.

DescriptionTypesCompressed Dimension(cm)E.C in mS/cmDry Weight (kg)Expansion(per kg)Sieve Mesh
BlocksNatural30 x 30 x 12<1 or <.55 (+/-5%)17 liters60:40, 80:20