Coir Peat Bricks

Coir pith is a tribute to the Mother Nature from everyone here at Nelsun as it is completely eco-friendly and augments the values of nature. The coir pith serves as a totally new and unique medium for the domestic growers to grow their plants. It is totally organic and fully safe to use as it is sterile to weeds. It is a totally pathogen free sustainable resource having a neutral pH which helps in facilitating the faster growth of the plants in gardens and greenhouses. The coir pith also facilitates faster development of the roots of the plants by providing maximum nutrition. It has a water retention capacity of almost 77% which makes it very useful for retaining the useful nutrients and water from leaching out. Moreover, the coir peat bricks make the soil friable and aerated thereby helping the roots to get more oxygen. We can also manufacture the coir peat bricks in the size of 500 gm and 250 gm in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

The coir piths are very easy to use. All you need to do is:

• Place a coir peat brick in a large container
• Pour clean water over it and leave it in that condition to absorb water to expand
• After water is completely absorbed, mix it carefully to speed up the process of breaking up
• To get an ideal potting mixture, add one part of the compost and coarse sand with one part of the coir peat brick.

DescriptionTypesCompressed Dimension(cm)E.C in mS/cmDry Weight (kg)Expansion(per kg)Sieve Mesh
BlocksNatural20 x 10 x 4-5Below 0.5650 (+/- 2%)17 liters1/4" or 1/2"